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HSE Performance Skylights
The Right Skylight for Your Needs

With our premium grade HSE Performance Series of skylights, you benefit from features that enhance the Health, Safety, and Efficiency of your daylighting, not to mention the beauty of your indoor spaces. From their all-bronze finishes to their UV blocking glass and Energy Star-rated heat reduction, you get all the advanced technologies you need to maximize the comfort of your home. Just identify your dimensions and choose from our solar-powered operable Fresh Breeze model or our standard fixed skylight, and you’ll be ready for an incredible new upgrade. We proudly service Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Solar Powered Solatube Skylights

The New Solar-Powered Fresh Breeze Skylights

  • Solar-powered operable design lets fresh air into your home
  • Qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit
  • High performance insulated glass
  • Maximum sound absorption
  • 99% UV blockage
  • Tempered over laminated glass, better protection from impact

Dramatically change any room with natural light and a fresh breeze. The solar-powered skylight captures the sunlight and uses it to recharge a fully concealed battery and control center. The solar-powered skylight is easily adjusted with a remote. Because it is solar-powered, it qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit on product and installation. Our system has a built-in rain sensor that will shut the skylight automatically in the event that inclement weather begins.

Premium Fixed Solatube Skylights

Premium Fixed Skylights

  • High performance insulated glass
  • Maximum sound absorption
  • 99% UV blockage
  • Tempered over laminated glass, better protection from impact

Flat, architectural style, and energy-efficient double pane glass (gas-filled) is much stronger and longer lasting than acrylic, and will not craze or crack. Looks beautiful on the exterior of the home, the sky is much clearer and more beautiful from inside. Better sound absorption (rain, airplanes, etc.) and with the high-performance thermal performance properties – it keeps heat in in the winter and blocks heat in summer.


Solatube Home Phoenix Skylight Replacement

30 years of fast and reliable skylight service!
Swap out your outdated, dirty, cracked skylights with beautiful, new ones.
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Skylight Replacement Long Beach

When Do You Need a Skylight Replacement?

Waiting can turn a problem into an expensive issue to fix later on. Getting a skylight replacement will revive any space with natural light and a sleek new aesthetic.

Our Certified Installation Consultants can replace old and damaged skylights that have:

  • Ugly & Outdated
  • Cracks
  • Leaks & moisture
  • Fog build-up
  • Dirt & Grime
  • Weathering

Get the Right Skylight. Right Now.

At Solatube Home Phoenix, we’ve put together a skylight installation team that’s ready to take your call and take care of any issues right away. We can give you the right skylight solution, no matter the size, shape, or configuration.


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