Why Natural Light Is Important to Your Home

Natural light has numerous benefits that can affect your physical and mental state. It can reduce stress, boost your immune system, and improve your mental health. It’s important to keep this in mind when searching for a new home. There are several important factors that come with natural light that you don’t want to be in the dark about.

Rising energy bills and property value are both short and long term things to think about. With all positives to natural light, it’s strange to think why more people don’t make it a priority when house hunting. Let’s deeper discuss why natural light is a key ingredient to a healthy home.


Electricity bills nowadays continue to skyrocket each and every month. Any way to cut energy costs is a good thing. Natural lighting can be an easy fix to a high electric bill. Allowing the free and abundant SoCal sunlight to brighten your home will save money and improve your overall mood considerably.

In colder climates, having any warm natural light is a necessity. Heating your home throughout the winter is very pricey. Natural light can help cut down expenses on those cold winter days.

Energy Efficient Windows

Free Light Is Alright

Regardless of where your windows sit, they will shine light in throughout the day. This can be the key to putting hundreds of dollars back in your wallet. If you wait until the sun sets to light your home, you’re saving on your electric bill and reducing the size of your carbon footprint.

Natural lighting in Los Angeles can be some of the best natural light of all. The weather is always warm and the sun is always shining. This is a good thing when trying to save on electricity. You can leave your lights off until far after dinner most nights. During the summer, when the heat isn’t necessary, try using awnings or window shades to keep your home cool.

Think about it long term. Over the span of a year, using more natural light can save you a considerable amount of money and energy by simply leaving your lights off.

You Can’t Beat Free Heat

For those who live in cooler areas, having tons of windows can cut down on winter heating bills. Allowing the sun’s natural rays to heat your home during the day will have you lowering the thermostat to save more money. Some windows can include solar heat gain, which allows the majority of the heat to enter your home through the windows. 

Increases the Value of Your Home

Having a lot of natural light can also easily increase the value of your home. When buyers come to view your home, they’ll be extremely impressed with how well the daylight looks throughout different hours of the day. This can increase the likelihood of your house selling faster. Think of seeing a home on the market. A bright and brilliant-looking home will catch your eye before a dim one. If living in California, the natural lighting in San Diego can be the best selling point of all.

Ways To Increase Natural Light In Your Home

There are some easy, cost-efficient approaches you can take into consideration for your home. Opening up your blinds, adding windows and ensuring your windows are facing the sun can add value and increase natural light in your home. The most effective way to increase natural light is by adding a skylight.


Skylights can be added to areas in the home that don’t often get as much sunlight. A hallway, a bedroom, and the attic are just to name a few. Choosing the right skylight can be difficult. Today, they are made up of materials that have different capabilities. The shape, type of light, and heat reduction level are all options available when picking your skylight. For more of an architectural style, dual-paned glass is the way to go. They tend to be more appealing and are the more energy-efficient option.

Fixed and operable skylights can push your vision even further. Fixed skylights are traditional and simple in design which makes them less expensive. Operable skylights let hot air escape from the higher parts of your house, all while keeping debris from entering your home.

Skylights won’t last forever, but they can be replaced rather easily. Damages to your skylight like cracks, leaks, and fog build-up can occur, but skylight replacement in San Diego is now more efficient than ever. No matter the size, skylights can be replaced almost instantly.

Maximizing the amount of natural light that enters a home is critical to your future. Not only is your well-being affected by the amount of natural light you get, but the property value of your home can fluctuate depending on how well the sunlight comes in. To get more valuable information on adding natural lighting to your home, call or text our team of experts.

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