Meet Your New Bathroom Fan

Need to dump your old, noisy, ineffective bathroom fan? Or do you not even have an exhaust fan? Don’t worry. We got you covered.


Zoned Applications for Concentrated Venting

Our performance exhaust fan allows you to customize your bathroom venting needs. Single or multi-zoned applications are available.


3 Times The Power

Get fresher air faster. Our powerful bathroom fan motor is almost 3 times more powerful than a standard bathroom fan. It clears the air quicker than that outdated humidity fan that came with your home.


Solatube Performance Bathroom Fan

The Solatube Performance Bathroom Fan is a powerful ventilation solution tailored to your home that removes odors, humidity, and mold. Great for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas in your home that need ventilation.

Air Your Grievances

Are you one of the millions of homeowners with a bathroom fan that simply doesn’t get the job done? Does your fan motor sound worse than your garbage disposal? Or do you simply not even have an exhaust fan?

It’s time to switch out that old, ineffective humidity fan with a new performance bathroom fan from Solatube. Enjoy the pleasant whoosh as the powerful and effective fan quickly exhausts mold, humidity, and embarrassing odors. Trust us, you won’t be the only one who appreciates the upgrade!

Powerful Performance Without A Powerful Sound

Solatube bathroom fans boast a powerful in-line exhaust fan that produces an ultra-fast 3000 RMPs and move 145 cubic feet of air per minute – nearly 3 times more than the cheap everyday fans. The precision-balanced fan blades are vibration-free, so instead of rattling and shrieking, you’ll hear a pleasant whoosh as moisture and odors are eliminated through a whirlwind vortex.

Specs: 120 Volts, 3000 RPMs, 145 CFM, Integrated Junction Box, Integrated mounting bracket

A Breath Of Fresh Air

The Solatube performance bathroom fan creates a vortex of air that’s both energy efficient and highly reliable throughout day-to-day use. It’s the perfect solution to reduce the risk of mildew, corrosion, and other harmful toxins.

Prevent odors, humidity, and mold in your bathroom, laundry room, or any other room in your house that needs air circulated and ventilated.

A Bathroom Fan Tailored To Your Home

A single powerful blower mounted in the rafters or attic has an airflow of 145 cubic feet per minute and moves air discreetly and effectively. Targeted ventilation allows multiple vents to be placed in the same room or across rooms so you can cover two bathrooms for the price of one.

We’ve Got You Covered

Unfortunately, not all fans we replace have the same ceiling grille. Not to worry! We have multiple options to replace your existing grille without disrupting the drywall and structure.

Performance Bathroom Fan Grill

Our Humidity Sensor Does The Thinking For You

When excess humidity is detected, the optional humidity sensor automatically turns the fan on. This minimizes moisture and stops mold and mildew. If odor is the issue, you can also manually activate the fan.

Call The Bathroom Fan Experts


Our team is ready to take your call and take care of your ventilation issues right away no matter the size, shape, or configuration of your bathroom.




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