Solatube Home Ventilation Products

Solar Attic Fans

  • Pulls heat from your attic space
  • Provides a more comfortable house interior
  • Keeps roof structures and materials from deteriorating
  • Reduces air conditioning costs
  • Qualifies for 30% tax credit

Introducing the Roof Mount 2400 Solar Attic Fan.

When summer hits, you want a solution with serious power to vent the heat from your attic. The RM 2400 is our biggest attic fan ever, with an industry-leading 35-watt solar panel that generates maximum energy for major air movement.

Whole House Fans

  • Cool your home in minutes
  • Dramatically lower your A/C bills
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Eliminates odors & contaminated air
  • 6 speeds for customizable comfort
WHF Airflow through house

How it works

The Solatube EPS Whole House Fans will pull the cool, fresh outside air into your living spaces through your windows, and push hot, stale indoor air through your attic and out the vents. The air in your main living spaces and attic doesn’t just recirculate (as with air conditioning), it gets replaced with fresh, new air. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, and sometimes more, allowing them to stay much cooler the following day (the principle of Thermal Mass Cooling).

Instantly cool your home

Dramatically reduce A/C bills

Ultra-quiet operation

Removes odors and dirty air

Eliminates stale air in the winter

7 variable speed options

Diagram of garage fan replacing hot air

Cooling Solutions for Every Garage Configuration

Keep your garages, workout rooms, man caves, and workshops ventilated and cool with our high-performance solar and electric fans. These fans contain powerful motors that cool and ventilate the static air in the space. They provide cooling airflow and are made of durable materials for long-lasting use. Many of the configurations below can be combined to create the ultimate cooling solutions for your space.


Call the Experts

Here at Solatube Home, we have been installing tubular daylighting systems and solar attic fans for years. Now, we’re creating even more relaxing and refreshing environments for our customers with whole house fans.

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