Tips to Help You Through a Heat Wave

The climates of Los Angeles and San Diego, California, are generally comfortable and beautiful all year-round. There are times, however, when a heatwave descends on the Southland. It’s important to be prepared. Heatwaves can be very dangerous, and this is especially true if you do not have air conditioning, or if the air conditioner isn’t working. Here are several tips to help you stay cool – and safe – during the next heatwave.

Drink Water, and Use It to Cool Off

During a heatwave, it’s imperative that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Your health should always be the top priority and paying attention to how you feel is very important. Drink more water than you typically drink in a day and be sure to also eat. If you start to feel that you’re very ill, contact emergency services.

Taking a cold shower or bath is another way to stay cool and comfortable during extreme temperatures. Other ways to stay cool include wearing a scarf or wet towel over your head and using a spray bottle to cool down. 

Move to a Lower Level in Your Home

If it is possible in your living arrangement, move down to the lowest level of your home. Heat rises; therefore, the closer to the ground level that you can be, the lower the temperature will be. It’s important to remember that when a heatwave strikes, avoid using heat-generating items such as your stove, oven, or washer and dryer.

Circulate the Air

It goes without saying that when it’s hot, circulating the air in your home can be a massive help. While traditional fans can be useful, they won’t help much if the air your home is already extremely hot. After the sun goes down, the temperature outside can work to your advantage. This is where a whole house fan can really help.

Whole house fans, which can be installed in your attic space, will expel hot air out of your Los Angeles home while pulling in cooler air through open windows. The fans are designed to create ongoing circulation which will cool your home and help maintain a cool temperature for extended periods of time. 

Utilizing whole house fans in San Diego, Los Angeles (or anywhere across Southern California) can help to keep you cool during the next heatwave. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll likely save money on air conditioning costs! For more information on how to prevent overheating inside your home, contact one of our service locations below.

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