INFRAREDuction: Eliminating the Effects of Infrared Light

On a daily basis, we make contact with infrared light in some way or another. But what exactly is infrared light? On the radiation spectrum, infrared radiation has a frequency lower than red light. These wavelengths have longer waves than visible light, making up a greater portion of sunlight than visible light and ultraviolet radiation. Although we can’t see it, it can have an effect on us.

In simple terms, the heat that you feel on your face on a sunny San Diego day or while sitting by a toasty bonfire is caused by infrared radiation. Even your body emits infrared waves of heat, which are detectable by thermal imaging machines. However, extended contact with infrared light can cause more bad than good. We’re shedding some light (natural light) on everyday situations where infrared light can be harmful.

Visible Light
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Eye Damage

Ever thought of the long-term effect of infrared waves on your eyes? This could even be an issue in certain workplaces such as fast food restaurants that use an infrared warming station. When exposed to infrared radiation for long periods of time, you can begin to experience eye damage. The tricky part is, you can’t see infrared light. Meaning, if your eyes cannot sense the radiation, they don’t automatically close to protect themselves.

The human eye is sensitive to all of the radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum, especially if that radiation is at very high levels of intensity. Being in contact with this type of radiation, including infrared radiation, can harm the lens and cornea of the eye. This is one reason why staring at the sun is frowned upon and why there are large warning labels on military IR target pointers. People who work near intense radiation are highly recommended to wear goggles.

Skin Concerns

Prolonged doses of infrared waves can also damage your skin and tissues. Infrared radiation waves are the same as heat waves. Laser beams are composed of highly amplified electromagnetic radiation (visible light, microwaves, infrared and others). These lasers can be strong enough to burn a hole through metal. Extremely powerful lasers are even being developed by the military for use as weapons. Can you imagine what it could do to the flesh? It’s safe to say that the less infrared waves your body is exposed to, the better.

Daylighting System

Infrared-Free Home

Solatube Home is constantly improving and researching how to make our daylighting systems their best. Not only to make sure the product lasts but to have a long-term positive effect on you and your loved ones. With our INFRAREDuction technology, we use a proprietary process to extract infrared wavelengths on the first light bounce before they can be transferred through the tube. This disperses heat before it ever enters the home. Industry-leading daylighting technology delivers unparalleled transfer of natural light, with minimum heat gain. So it’s perfect for hot climates, where it reduces cooling loads on airconditioning systems.

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