Solatube Installation: Mid-Century Modern Home

Located in Carlsbad, California, Emmy award-winning producer Mark Allen began researching lighting solutions for his office, Scratch Media, with the goal of bringing an affordable, energy-efficient daylighting solution to the space. Mark wanted his employees to enjoy being at the office and he felt that correcting the dark offices and filling them with natural light would help. After months of research he found an incredible product called Solatube Daylighting Systems, they’re a modern version of a skylight. Based on the quality, reputation, reviews and product catalog, Solatube was the perfect solution to bring natural light into his business. Allen had eighteen tubular skylights installed at the Scratch Media office in order to properly daylight the space and create a healthy and inspiring office environment.

When returning from work one day, he realized that the dark rooms in his home could also greatly benefit from some natural light. He had been spending more and more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and his desire to create a healthy, clean and comfortable home environment rapidly increased.

Before the Solatube tubular skylights were added to Allen’s home, the entire house was unbalance with natural light.  Some areas had plenty of natural light, but other areas felt dark and gloomy. Allen wanted a daylighting design that could accommodate a layout where he never needed to turn a light on during the day and product features that integrated seamlessly into his existing mid-century style home.  He wanted every room to feel inviting during the day.  After experiencing Solatube Daylighting Systems at the office, he knew he needed them at home.

Ten Solatube tubular skylights were installed across the entire home in sets of two in order to completely refresh each space and create a more modern, airy and inspiring home design that required no electric lights during the day. The kitchen and dining room installations included sleek square decorative fixtures to complement the mid-century design. While round fixtures blended elegantly into the garage, master and guest bathrooms and master closet, filling the rooms with an abundance of natural light, making each space feel larger and cleaner. Each Solatube that was installed had solar night lights, so at night he did not have to use much lighting.  This also saved on cost, because this feature qualifies the installation and products for a federal tax credit.

It’s great to be anywhere in the house during the day…you never have to turn a light on. They save on energy, it’s a sustainable product, the installation was very affordable and it was fast and easy. For me, the biggest thing is the effect it’s had on me, just having been able to exist indoors with natural light, and the positive effects that it has on me. It’s a really amazing way to live.

– Mark Allen, homeowner

Project: Mid-Century Modern Transformation

Challenge: Provide energy-efficient natural lighting to a beautiful mid-century modern home to create a bright, airy contemporary space.


Kitchen: Two Solatube 290 ISn system with JustFrost square decorative fixtures

Dining Room: Two Solatube 290 ISn system with JustFrost square decorative fixtures

Guest Bathroom: Two Solatube 290 ISn system with JustFrost round

Master Bathroom Two Solatube 290 ISn system with JustFrost round

Garage: Two Solatube 290 ISn system with JustFrost round

Closet: One Solatube 290 ISn system with JustFrost round

Results: Natural light delivered with Solatube tubular skylights creates a bright, airy and inspiring space; no electric lighting needed during the day.

Solatube Premier Dealer Installer: Solatube Home