Choosing Skylights: Is Glass Better Than Acrylic?

Skylight replacement before and after photo.


Have you ever wondered what the true difference is between having a glass skylight and having an acrylic or “bubble” skylight? There are definitely a few things to consider when choosing the right skylight for your home and your lifestyle. Keep reading to compare the two most commonly used skylights on the market. More specifically, we’ll look at why Solatube Skylights are the most functional and energy-efficient skylights around.


Glass: Solatube glass skylights let abundant direct sunlight in.

Acrylic: Acrylic skylights disperse sunlight evenly throughout your home while diffusing the level of brightness depending on which color you choose.


Glass: Solatube skylights have dual-paned, insulated glass that blocks sound from entering your home.

Acrylic: This option is not ideal for reducing noise.


Glass: These will not discolor and are fairly easy to clean. Solatube skylights are also tempered over the laminated glass which provides better protection from impact.

Acrylic: Can discolor over time and are known to slowly oxidize. These don’t usually crack easily, but can crack from years of hot and cold weather changes.

Heat Transfer

Glass: Solatube’s dual-paned, high-performance glass blocks 99% of UV rays which, in return, blocks unwanted heat from entering your home.

Acrylic: While acrylic comes in varying colors that can sometimes block heat, their single-paned body has limited heat defense. 


Glass: Clear glass skylights lend a superior aesthetic to your home and allow you to clearly see the outside when viewed from inside your space.

Acrylic: Has a ‘cloudy’ or ‘filmy’ appearance that will increase after years of wear and tear from the elements.

When it comes to comparing the cost to install or replace your old skylights, acrylic is the most affordable, but least functional option. If you’re looking for something that lasts, provides a sleek appearance, and protects your home from damage and heat, Solatube skylights are the clear choice. No pun intended.