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Solatube Home Promotions

Solatube Promotions

Love a good deal? We love to offer them.
See how much you can save with tax credits and other promotions for our tubular skylights, skylight replacement and ventilation products.

$200 off Whole House Fans

Sign your estimate & save!

Two easy steps to get this deal:

– Book a free consultation
– Sign off on your estimate the same day

It’s that simple! You may even get to have it installed the same day as well. Availability varies, so call today to snag this deal. Limited time offer.


$200 Off – Skylight Replacement Bundle

Limited Time Only!

Do you have two or three skylights that need to be replaced?  With our bundling program, you can save $200 on your second unit, $200 more on your third unit, and so on. Call us and we will answer any of your questions. (Limitations apply, cannot be combined with other offers, call for details of the program)

Skylight Before and After
Solatube Home Products

$75 Off Bundle Pricing

Bundle & Save More
Buy 2 Units Save $75, Buy 3 Save $150…

Do you have two or three rooms that need more natural light? How about an attic and garage that need solar ventilation? What about getting all your old skylights replaced? With our bundling program, you can save more when you install more Solatube Home products!  Call us and we will answer any of your questions.  (Limitations apply, call for details of the program).

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Solatube Home 0% Financing Available*

Achieve your daylighting and ventilation dreams now with Solatube Home financing options! Transform your space with 0% APR using our 6 or 12-month programs. Buy now, pay over time.
*Subject to credit approval. Call for details. Limitations Apply.

Solatube Home Pricing
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Everyone loves to save money! And now the government helps you save 30% through a tax credit.

Solatube Home Pricing

Solatube ISn Products

Solatube ISn Daylighting Systems qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on both the price of the product and installation. Whether you install one or five Solatube ISn Systems, you get a 30% tax credit on every unit, that includes installation. That adds up! Get a more detailed estimate during your free, in-home consultation.

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Solar Attic Fans & Garage Fans: Save 30% with a Tax Credit

Get a federal tax credit on our Solar-Powered Ventilation Products – 30% tax credit available on our Solar Star Solar Attic Fan and Solar-Powered Garage Fan options.

Solatube Home Pricing
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Solatube Home Pricing

Solar-Operable Skylights

Solatube Home’s Fresh Breeze Skylights also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit which shaves some big bucks off your product and installation. Another plus about this model is the functionality and ease of opening your skylight with the press of a remote.

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