Skylight Replacement in West Covina, CA

Solatube Home has expert technicians and 5-star service to replace your skylight for a refreshing look.

Before and after skylight replacement West Covina, CA

Time To Replace Your Skylight

Whether your skylight is leaking from the rain or it is just so dirty that it is not bringing in the amount of light it used to, Solatube Home can replace it to refresh the look of your home from the inside to the roof.


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Skylight Replacement Service West Covina, CA

When The Time Has Come

One of our Certified Technicians will come to your home to measure the size of your existing skylight. Then they will sit down with you and help you make the best decision for you and your home. The last step is to install it and enjoy it!


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Operable Glass Skylight in West Covina, CA

Solar Powered Operable Skylight

The solar powered operable skylight offers natural light through its glass exterior while also having the capability of opening and closing for fresh air. In addition, it qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit because of the solar panel that charges to open and close the skylight.

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Flat Modern Blue Glass Skylight in West Covina, CA

Heat Reducing Glass Skylight For Replacement

Low-E helps to reflect the rays that come through the skylight and heat up your home. This will help to reduce the need to run your air conditioner while still allowing the West Covina natural light to come into your home.

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Skylight Replacement in West Covina is Quick and Easy Skylight Replacement

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