Skylight Replacement in Long Beach, CA

If your skylights are looking weathered or damaged by cracks and grime, it’s time for an update!
Solatube Home’s skylight replacement in Long Beach does not disappoint with expert installation and 5-star service.

Before and after skylight replacement Long Beach, CA

When Your Skylight Needs a Replacement

Don’t wait for a crack to turn into a major leak. Call our team now to replace any outdated or damaged skylights before they turn worse.

Has your skylight been weathered and left with:

  • Fog build-up & haziness
  • Cracks
  • Leaks
  • Dirt & Grime
  • Color fading

Or is it just simply outdated and old?

Solatube Home services Long Beach area to refresh and replace your old skylights so you can have clear, brilliant light in your home.

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Skylight Replacement Long Beach

Skylight Replacement In Long Beach, CA Is Simple

One of our Certified Installation Consultants will measure the size of your skylight, then sit down with you to go over your options and help you make a selection. We will then order the skylight of your choice and come replace it when your order is ready. It’s that simple!


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Solar Powered Operable Glass Skylight Replacement

With our Solar Powered Skylight, the Long Beach sunshine will allow you to open and close your skylight whenever you want some fresh air in your home. In addition, it will have a rain sensor just in case you weren’t prepared for the weather. In these situations, the skylight will automatically close. The best part is because it is solar-powered, the skylight and the installation will qualify for a Federal Tax Credit! Call us for more details.

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Flat Modern Blue Glass Skylight

Low-E Glass Skylight Replacement

Low-E offers a clear, bright light option that is energy efficient. By reflecting some of the heat waves that would normally heat up your home, it will help to prevent turning on the A/C as much during the day. All while still being able to have natural daylight.

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Quick and Easy Skylight Replacement

Skylight Replacement Long Beach


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