How You Can Make Your Garage Cool

Your garage can be a lot more than just a place to put your cars,
store chemicals, smelly old sports equipment, and other stuff you never look at.

It can actually be one of the coolest spaces in your house. You can use a garage for multiple things like a family movie room, classic car shop, fitness studio, or even a man cave, complete with a full bar, every kind of gaming, and maybe even your own sound stage. (Yes, we’ve been watching “I Love You, Man.”)

Regardless of all the cool stuff you can do in your garage, it’s… still a garage. And nobody wants to create a unique space in a hot and stale room. So how do you keep it cool? One of the best ways is by installing a garage fan, which not only brings in cool outside air and moves hot air out, but also replaces stale air with fresh air so you remove fumes, odors and impurities. So you’re able to spend time in your garage safely and do everything you’d like in comfort.

Types of Garage Fans

There are three different types of garage fans. The best choice for your space depends on the type of garage you have. If it has an open ceiling, you can use a roof-mounted fan that pulls the hot air out of your roof while pulling cool, outside air in through the garage vents. The second option is if you have living space above your garage. In this instance, you can use an interior-mounted fan that mounts to a side wall and pulls hot air out as it replaces it with cool air. The final option is if you have an attic above your garage. For this route, you can use a powered fan that pulls hot, stale air from the garage and attic while pushing it out of your attic venting. The cool air then comes in through the garage wall vents.

Multiple ventilation options available from Solatube

Solatube, a leader in home ventilation solutions, offers all three types. These include solar-powered versions for roof-mounted or interior-mounted fans, which keep costs to operate them down as they run during the day. (And saving money is always cool.) Solatube can provide a free consultation at your house to determine what’s best for your layout. Even better, they can even install the same day, often in less than 2 hours. If you’re interested in keeping a cool and fresh garage, contact Solatube Home on