How to Prevent Energy Loss in Skylights

Skylights are an excellent way to let in natural light to an otherwise dimly lit room. They’re perfect for homeowners who want to experiment with their properties. These features also make the value of your home increase significantly. These are all things to keep in mind when deciding on whether or not to add one of these creative features to your home.

In addition, their position exposes them to direct sunlight on the roof. Air leaks are another commonality when dealing with skylights. Both of these can result in valuable energy loss. Luckily, this is easy to prevent. If you have or are considering a skylight installation, the following steps may help you minimize your energy bill in the process.

Skylight Replacement

Picking Your Style

In today’s world, there are several skylights with a vast array of styles to choose from. These can come in different customizable features like the shade, size, type of glass, and frame. Personalizing the window to your liking can actually make it more energy-efficient. To do so, you should try choosing a frame that is insulated. This will help keep the outside air from leaking inside your house. If you have an air conditioning or heating system, this can significantly cut costs while these are running. Wood is a great option to choose when looking at insulated frames.

For the actual window, you may want to try a glass that is coated or frosted. This will still allow the natural light in but protect against the heat that direct sunlight can cause. Some of the temperature and the sun’s UV rays will be absorbed by a glass with a coating than one without.

A Window Shade

Both new and existing skylights can be upgraded by purchasing a window shade. These are specifically designed with skylights in mind. They often run along a track that can be controlled by a remote. The remote feature makes it much easier and more convenient to adjust the exact amount of light you want available in your room.

Now you can not only allow the exact amount of sunlight you desire but also minimize the intensity that’s being welcomed inside. This will naturally decrease your energy bills as the sun’s direct UV rays won’t be heating the inside of your home. Not to mention heat loss in the cooler months. Along with the help of an attic fan in Orange County, your home will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

The process for ordering these window shades is rather easy. Try finding a reliable company that has great reviews online. You will be able to order the window shades online to fit the unique size and shape of your window. To make it easier, these companies will also install the shades for added convenience. 

A Glaze or Coating For the Glass

Even if you already have a skylight installed, there’s no time like the present to replace it with a more energy-efficient option. One of the most important energy-efficient steps you can take when fixing your window is adding a glaze, film, or coat to the glass. This is yet another way to block the majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays that raise the temperature of your home. Although these coatings aren’t as adjustable as a window shade, they tend to look more natural than the other option. This can also prevent fading and other damage to your precious interiors.

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