Fans to Keep Your Entire House Cool This Summer

California weather can be extremely hot throughout the summer months. To remedy this, we flip on the air conditioner of course. In return, our energy costs rise incredibly high. Some systems can even be loud or bulky, which can be an extra unnecessary annoyance on a stifling day.

To keep you and your family cool without the additional costs and concerns of an air conditioner, try switching to a whole house or attic fan. Each of these designs highlights efficiency and maximizes the fresh air that’s entering your home. Gone are the days of stale air in the home. With these revolutionary fans, regardless of the season, you’ll have fresh air in a matter of minutes. Let’s break down how each of these ventilation systems works.

Whole House Fans

Whole house fans in San Diego can significantly cool down your home in the summer. These fans are designed to be just as refreshing as an air conditioner, without the high cost. They are also much quieter than your air conditioner to avoid any unnecessary noise within your household.

Whole House Fan

How It Works:

The fans work by pulling the fresh air from outside to cool your space. This then pushes the hot, stale indoor air through the whole house fan into the attic. In return, the new air can come through the windows and circulates inside the home. These fans can quickly cool your house down in the summer months in a matter of minutes. This can lower your home’s temperature by up to 30 degrees.

With an air conditioner, there is no way for you to remove the old, musty air within your living area. These fans give you the opportunity to have fresh air in no time at all. Whole house fans can be just as efficient as an air conditioner, but you don’t have to deal with the added costs.

The different elements of the whole house fan are what really make it shine compared to other cooling solutions.

  1. Brushless Motor: Built to last a long time with energy-efficient capabilities.
  2. Powder Coated Metal Fan Blade: Durable for any condition and are rust-proof while in-use. 
  3. 5-Blade Fan: The extra blades allow for continuous airflow.
  4. Insulated Ducting: The insulated ducting allows for a quieter cooling overall.
  5. An innovative mount for the fan allows for near-silence while in use.
  6. Exclusive damper box design increases airflow to the entire home.
  7. The intake grill is easily removable, making it easy to clean.
  8. A modern finish due in part by no visible fasteners.

Improving the quality of air that’s in your home should be a top priority. Fans remove odors and eliminate stale air in the winter months. This guarantees you’ll have fresh air all year round, regardless of the weather. 

Attic Fans

If you have a moist and warm attic, it may be time to invest in an attic fan. Attic fans are a recently new technological advancement that can help do more than just cool your home. Most of these types of fans are solar-powered. A solar panel is placed on your roof, which allows you to save money as they’re powered by the sun.

Solar Attic Fan

How It Works:

To begin, there are multiple solar attic fan designs available. You can go with a powerful solar panel that’s located on the roof that runs the fan underneath, or you can choose an interior mounted solar fan that works with your existing venting. Attic fans in San Diego cost absolutely nothing to run but allow you to control the heat over your home. How they manage to pull off this impressive feat is by converting your passive vents into a ventilation system. This will make the attic cooler, as well as remove any moisture trapped inside.

During the winter months especially, when rain can add to the moisture buildup, leaks and mold may start to appear. The excess humidity from the weather can slowly rot the support beams that hold your roof up. Any damaged insulation can be a feeding ground for more moisture to accumulate, leading to mold and fungus growth. This is where attic fans thrive.

A solar powered attic fan prevents these horrible problems in even the worst weather conditions. The ventilation system circulates the moisture and hot air from your attic to the outside. They’re also extremely reliable, with innovative features that allow for exceptional performance.

These fans can prevent roof damage and adds years to your roof and air conditioner. They’re even quieter than whole house fans, which means you’ll never be able to hear them when they’re at work. The fans are meant for you to use more and your air conditioner less, so you won’t have huge utility bills each month. Not only are you saving energy, but you’re putting hundreds of dollars back in your pocket.


Owning a whole house or attic fan is a life-changing decision. As a homeowner, you won’t have to worry about the additional stress of attic maintenance and air circulation as often. These fans are meant to assist with simplifying air cleaning, as well as doubling as a cooling solution.

Being able to simply install the fans and letting them do their job is an incredible thing. During the summer months, these fans can be lifesaving. They’re half the cost of a regular air conditioner, but do twice the amount of work. Whole house and attic fans are the easiest way to keep your family cool and comfortable any time of the year.

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