Benefits of Using Whole House Fans

Temperature control is something that many households struggle with. There are many smaller home improvements you can make to improve your home’s temperature control capabilities. This includes adding insulation to their attic or having a skylight replacement done on their Los Angeles home. These can certainly improve a home’s energy efficiency and lead to improved temperature control, but they are only a drop in the bucket.  If you want to maximize your home’s potential, you need to go above and beyond all the previously mentioned. This is where the whole house fan comes in. Homeowners that choose this cooling method in their home instantly see massive benefits from it. Here are some of the main benefits that can be gained from simply using this type of ventilation system. 

Whole House Fan

Improved Energy Efficiency

Allowing a home to maintain a more consistent temperature involves improving the home’s energy efficiency. The more energy-efficient it is, the more it will keep the air inside the home from escaping and prevent the outside air from entering. Not only does using a whole house fan improve your home’s energy efficiency, but it is also a very energy-efficient product itself.

Many central air systems and even smaller air conditioning units tend to require a lot of electricity to operate. This means causing a home’s power bill to quickly add up when they are frequently in use. Thankfully, the same cannot be said for whole house fans. They are able to complete their required tasks without drawing a lot of electricity.

In return, not only will the home be able to stay at a comfortable temperature all year round, but homeowners will also not have to face an uncomfortably high bill every month. In fact, it is estimated that using central air conditioners can cost up to 25 percent more. Throughout the entire summer season, this can end up being several hundred dollars more in electricity.

Fast Acting Temperature Control

When someone tries to cool down their house, they want to do it as fast as possible. While central air conditioners are fairly good at cooling down your home, it can often take several minutes before you start to feel an obvious difference. When it comes to using a whole house fan, the amount of time it takes before homeowners start to feel a blatant difference is far less.

This is because the ventilation system is drawing in the air while pushing the hot air out. This causes a continuous flow of air that is very effective at cooling down a large area. In comparison, central air conditioners are only producing cool air and are not able to extract the warm air. Therefore, the rate at which they are able to cool down an entire home is not nearly as impressive as the alternative. 

Affordable Cooling

Operating this method of temperature control is not the only area where it is able to save a person money. The actual cost of the product itself is often far cheaper than a standard central air conditioning unit. The whole point of purchasing an energy-efficient cooling unit is to keep the temperature comfortable while also keeping costs down. In fact, the average whole house fan costs as little as ten percent of the price of a central air unit. 

Subtle Operation

Everyone who has ever been to an older home likely knows the sounds of a loud heating or cooling unit turning on. Whether it is a loud bang or a series of sharp clicks, the noise can often cause issues for people who are light sleepers. Some people who have particularly loud units in their home try to prevent this issue from occurring by switching the unit off during their time of rest. However, this can cause some issues during the middle of the summer months when it is particularly warm outside. While having to deal with loud noises coming from the cooling unit can disturb a person’s sleep, so can being uncomfortably warm. 

You don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils when it comes to their comfort at night. This is why the whole house fan was designed to operate without disturbing the residents. Instead of producing loud noises when it turns on, these units are able to do their job while being almost completely silent. Now you can keep yours running throughout the night without having to worry about getting woken up.

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