More space sits just above your head!

Ready to access the untapped potential of your attic space? Our new attic ladders and decking are a game changer for getting organized at home.

*Currently available in San Diego only. Coming soon to more locations!*

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Attic Ladders & Storage

Is your clutter piling up? Are you getting to the point of considering a storage unit? Consider the space that you already have! With attic ladders & storage, we can provide safe and easy attic access with an added service to create a stable and useful attic area to hold your extra belongings.

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Step into your attic full of possibilities…

Transform your attic space from a disorganized, underutilized place to a tidy, optimized storage area.
You’re only a couple of steps away from reimagining its potential. And we can help with that!

Attic Ladder and Storage Steps

WHF installation

Ladder Installation

From attic ladder supply to installation, our certified installers will take care of you. No matter how big or small the job at hand, they will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and talk about the best course of action to suit your needs.

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Attic Ladder Models

Fire Rated Garage Ladder

Our Garage Ladder is the only fire-rated attic ladder we provide. This wooden attic ladder is standard for garage application and features a triple weather seal equipped with a gasket that expands under extreme heat.

Garage Ladder Specs

Thermal Storage Ladder

This folding wood ladder is built for spaces where temperature control is desired. This highly insulated model is triple sealed to minimize heat or cold exchange between the attic and home.

Thermo Ladder Specs

Compact Access Ladder

This model has a scissor-style design with a white, insulated hatch. Its construction takes up less space and requires less room to unfold. This makes it perfect for smaller spaces where attic access is desired.

Compact Ladder Specs

Attic Decking & Lighting Installation

Make your attic space a walkable, easy-to-manage storage space in no time. The interlocking design creates a safe and stable foundation for your attic area. The materials used are reprocessed polycarbonate & an ABS alloy plastic combination for lightweight yet durable decking.

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